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Guestbook for Jeannine & Bob's Wedding
Carol Loula(non-registered)

These are some of the best wedding photos I have ever seen! They truly captured the joyful feeling and love that was there.

Your wedding looked fabulous! I love the decorations, flowers, setting, etc., and of course the people! And you looked absolutely stunning! You have some great family photos in this group that will be treasures in years to come. I especially liked the ones of you and Bob - I can't remember seeing such a happy couple!

(Other than the ones of Kathy and Joe's family pictures, of course) :) , my other favorites were the ones of your parents dancing with the grandkids. What fun! They are both so amazing!

I am so glad Kathy sent this site to me!

Wishing you many years of happily married life together!

Carol and Jim
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